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  • 2007-02-13

    Special post-birthday update! The following stages have been updated/reposted/generally made a little better:
    -VF2 Jacky, VF2 Jeffry, and VF1 Kage stages from Fighters Megamix
    -Midnight Port from Savage Reign
    -Waterfall Dojo and The Pick-up Game from Agressors of Dark Kombat/GanGan
    -Lunchtime Anarchy and A Sunset and a Beating from Knuckle Bash
    You can find them on the "Stages" page. Enjoy.


    Kuroko's stage from Samurai Shodown II/Samurai Spirits II released. Get in in the "Stages" section!


    Jimmy's Stage from Double Dragon (Neo Geo) released. You know where to find it.


    The Wilderness (URA Bahn's stage) from Fighters Megamix released. Guess where you can find it.


    Circuit and Icefield stages from Fighters Megamix released in the usual place. Enjoy.


    Scrapyard from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters released.


    Colosseum from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Locker Room from Rival Turf released.


    Ninja Warriors and Double Dragon 2 get the stage treatment.


    Hou-En's Stage from Rabbit released.


    Military Training from Battle K-Road and Tenkaichi Budokai from DBZ (Arcade) released.


    Bass' Stage from Dead or Alive released and Military Training updated. Add-ons page updated with Double Dragon 2 Mission 1 and VF1 Dural music.


    Chicago from Tekken and Castle of Baskervilles from Asura Buster released. Music for Chicago is available on the add-ons page.


    Tekken Force - Act 1 (in hi-res and normal flavors) from Tekken 3 and Act 4 from The Combatribes released.


    Mission 1-2 from Shinobi released. Music for this stage is also available on the add-ons page. Enjoy.


    Mr. Bear's stage from Battle K-Road and Jean's stage from Fighter's History released. Music for Jean is available in the Add-ons page.
    In addition, Ken's stage from Street Fighter III - 2nd Impact has been released.


    Two stages from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure have been released: Self-Imposed Imprisonment (Jotaro's Stage) and Tigerbaum Garden.


    Alex's stage from Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact released. Palettes for Warusaki3's CvS Ken available, as well.


    Damnd's stage from Final Fight Revenge and Jeffry's stage from Virtua Fighter released.


    Update: Jeffry's VF1 stage and Alex's SF3:2nd Impact stage fixed/updated and stuff.


    A stage from Michael Jackson's Moonwalker has been released! Shinobi Mission 1-2 has been updated with the stage intro! Enjoy!


    Akira's stage from Virtua Fighter 2 released in two tasty flavors in one: hi-res and normal. Enjoy.


    Three stages released today: two from Pretty Fighter X (Saturn version) and Eyedol's stage from Killer Instinct (SNES version).


    Temple in Kyoto from Pretty Fighter X (Saturn version) released, and Streets of Rage 3/Bare Knuckle 3 lifebars updated with a patch.


    Free time = more stages...make that four more stages. One more from Pretty Fighter X, and three from Sonic Council released for your consumption. Temple stage from Pretty Fighter X has also been updated.


    Zelda's Chamber from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link has been converted by yours truly! Check it out now in the stages section!


    Special holiday releases (aka some old stuff that I've had lying around): Cell Games from Saturn DBZ Shin Butoden, a Clayfighter stage and somethings from Shanghai Kid! Plus, a MYSTERY SONG has been looped in ADX format for you!


    The stages section got an overhaul! O_O It's now divided into separate sections!
    As well, some new stage conversions have been released:
    -two hi-res stages from Virtua Fighter 2 ("Other Stages")
    -one from Street Heroes ("8-bit")
    -one from The Legend of Silkroad ("Arcade")
    Also, my previous hi-res releases (VF2 Akira and Tekken Force Act 1) have been updated according to Winmugen Plus standards.


    New stages, folks. Here's Junon Dock from Final Fantasy 7 (32-bit) and Raiya's stage from Angel Eyes and something from Tao Taido (Arcade). Enjoy!


    BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS! I've released the following:
    -Training stage from Goiken Muyo - Anarchy in the Nippon (32-bit)
    -Three stages from Battle Master (16-bit)
    -One stage from Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors (Other)


    Took me long enough to release something new. :p Anyways, here's what's new:
    -Rungo's Stage from Battle Arena Toshinden Remix
    -Fukuoka Stadium from Pretty Fighter X
    -The Abandoned Village from Suikoenbu II - Fuunsaiki

    Find them all in the 32-bit section! Enjoy!

    UPDATE! The Arena from Guardian Heroes is also now available at the same link above!


    New works released! Enjoy!

    -Princess Toadstool's Castle from New Super Mario Bros. (here)
    -Crystalline Mountain from PuLiRuLa (here)


    The "I'm still alive but very busy with real life" post. Here's a couple from the Saturn game Crows - The Battle Action. Find it in the 32-bit section!


    I'm remaking my Fighters Megamix stages, and releasing some new ones, too! Find them in the 32-bit section!


    All stages from Windy x Windam converted to MUGEN by myself. Find them in the Other section!


    New stages in time for the holidays, including Mai's stage from the arcade version of Fatal Fury Wild Ambition. Find them in the Arcade section!


    More fun stuffs for you!
    -Three Battle Arena Toshinden URA stages in the 32-bit section
    -All stages from the x68000 version of Asuka 120% in the Others section
    -For some reason, there's also a conversion of the Pit from the sanitized SNES version of Mortal Kombat! See the 16-bit section!


    Now available: Heliport A, from Metal Gear Solid. A collaborative effort if there ever was one. :) Find it in the Other Stages section!


    The "Yes, I'm Still Alive" release post. Two stages for you, and they're kinda cool. My opinion, anyways.

    -The Sky Shrine, from Guardian Heroes (look here!)
    -The Final Stage, from ESWAT (look here!)


    You asked for it. Now here it comes. Don't say I didn't warn you about its uber-manliness.

    Find it here.


    Meka's Castle from Dragon's Curse/Wonderboy 3 - The Dragon's Trap - here!
    Two stages from the SNES/Super Famicom game Makurena! Makendou 2 - here!


    Ride The Whirlwind (aka the only decent stage from Golden Axe III) released - here!
    Also, Church of the Muscle has gotten a slight update, so redownload from the 16-bit section as well. Enjoy!


    "Fire!" "We gotta help April!" "GO, MY TURTLES!"


    The "let's update old stages because, frankly, they needed updating" update. The following have been updated:
    -Circuit and Icefield from Fighters Megamix: New rips ahoy! VF2 Kage also got a little touch-up. Get them in the 32-bit section!
    -April's Apartment from TMNT Arcade got a couple little fixes, too. Arcade section here!

    Also, new stuff: Zena-Lan's stage from the 32X fighting game Cosmic Carnage is released. See here.